The Winecask

The Winecask is an Inn and Tavern run by the Half-Elven Maiden Kizzie Dietz, located in the town of Bomria. It is the first of the two establishments to have built and originally owned and built by Kizzie’s parents when Lars Marbel’s first group of settlers broke ground to found the the village that would later grow into the walled trading town it is today.

Slander and Competition

Despite being the first establishment of its kind in Bomria, The Winecask now stands in destitution and disrepair. The original factor was the aging of Lars Marbel’s age and the waning of his control over the town. With his age coming on this allowed the Kaldoninans of a traditional mindset to start speaking out against his tolerance for the “filth” of other races. As such this gave Henley the opportunity to undermine The Winecask first by giving its second and now better known name “The Casket”. By slandering the Inn and spreading rumors of the establishment as a dark and dangerous place and the local fear of non-kaldonians set up the economic situation that would allow him to establish his own inn and in turn damage the Dietz family financially.

Even today human children are taught to fear and avoid the area around The Winecask as much as possible and definitely during the the night “least the flesh eating elf demon catch them.”

Despite the Henley’s stealing business and scaring away customers some how Kizzie has managed to keep The Winecask open, if in a less then perfect state, and despite the departure of her parents for friendlier territory.

Present Day

Yet despite Kizzie’s devotion to the establishment she was forced to flee during the Goblin Coup lead by Lars’ son Lazzarus Marbel, where goblins ambushed, laid siege, and ultimately won Bomria which forced many half-elves to choose between fleeing or being killed. Upon the Battle For Bomria, the group of adventurers whom were able to liberate the town discovered the tavern of their friend thrashed inside and out. After the battle, Brair the Gnome Bard cleaned up the place as much as possible and also upon finding Kizzie again donated several hundred gold pieces to repair and reopen the Winecask.

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The Winecask

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