Silver Lake

The city of Silver Lake is the only city with in the norther boarders of Kaldunrum, and like Al Rodel the city was not built originally by the Kaldonians but instead besieged, destroyed and conquered during the decades that were the Kaldonian wars. The city laid in ruins until the first Kaldonian King Muntelrium lead the Kaldonian’s to settle on the lands they had soaked in their enemies blood. The few survivors of the war have since either died off or been bred into the Kaldonian Bloodline.

The name Silver Lake is not the city’s rightful name but a name born by the Kaldonians mistaking it for the name of the city and not the enormous lake that boarders the eastern side of the city. It’s original name has been lost to the ages.

Despite being inland the city’s situation on the banks of The Silver Lake has allowed it to be a port city both from boats that make the journey across the lake from the south east and the fact that the lake’s water runs down the Star Tail River into the ocean beyond. Granted larger boats that brave the open waters are two large to make passage over the river, smaller trading ships that hug the coat lines are small enough to sail up the tail and into the great lake beyond. It is the rivers impressive size which has allowed Silver Lake to prosper with little trouble due to the city’s isolation in the north and has attracted a great number of different citizens.

Despite the large population of non-human races in Silver Lake, or at least by Kaldonian standards, the overall sentiment to these other races remains the same as else where in Kaldunrum.

Silver Lake

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