Everything is balance. For Life there is Death, against Good is Evil, and I could list hundreds of things and for each one their counterpart. That is the law of the world. That is the truth of existence. Destroy one and you destroy both. Balance must be maintained for the fortune of all, no matter the cost. Some seek to destroy peace, others to obliterate evil but what most do not understand is by destroying one they ruin all. We are the keepers of balance, we are the promoters of peace and the harbingers of war. It is our job to maintain balance and choose no sides.
- Cleric of Scales

The Dual God is patron to no race or lands, instead being know universally by many names. The Domains of The Duel God are Knowledge, Protection, Law, Travel, and War.

This god appears as an ambiguous cloaked and hooded figure. No one has seen the face of Nithtriant and there for no one is sure of the gods gender, what the god looks like, or even what race Nithtriant may be. Even the cloak and hood that obscures the god shifts color and materials to fit the region the god manifests in at that time.

It is said that unlike other gods which either existed before the material plane or were created upon its manifestation that Nithriant was the result of the eternal battle between two gods.

And as the great gods, Nithrious and Meltriant battled their attacks blow for blow met their adversary’s weapon. Neither could gain footing and none could press the other back during this tireless fight. The stars faltered as sparks flew from the burning blows, the sky crackled with the heat emanating from their bodies, and the earth shook from the force of their steps. Yet none could win and their struggle threatened to sunder the mortal plane, but as the debris swirled between them the friction caused an implosion that flung the two apart. And from the blinding light emerged a cloaked figure wielding nothing but a quarterstaff, clutched in one hand, and a set of scales held aloft in the other.
-Birth of the Faceless One

Unlike other gods who tend to appear clad in either casual cloths or battle regalia during times of war or situations of combat The Dual God is the only that always appears the same. Nithtriant is always cloaked and hooded and he always bears a quarterstaff, and always he holds the scales aloft in his free hand.

Nithtriant’s follows tend to come from all walks of life and skill sets. Since he is neither good nor evil many humans and other races find themselves drawn to his service. Nithtriant is Neutral, and as such his followers can be found on both sides of a battle. Because of this his champions and whorshipers tend to avoid congregating so few permanent temples are ever erected under his name. Instead followers come together only under the direction of their god, and expect to find themselves fighting against their own whom may previously been allies.

Evil must sometimes be spread and the Good protected. You may find yourself saving a life one day and required to kill it the next, no matter the coast the scales must return to equilibrium. Balance must always be returned.
- Nithtriant: The Dual God

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