Important People


  • Lars Marbel
    • Human. Benevolent mayor of Bomria. Friend of non-humans.
  • Lazzarus Marbel
    • Human. Hates all non-humans and those who do not conform.
  • Short Tankard
    • Psuedo PC, epic little rogue halfling.
  • Kizzie Dietz
    • Half-Elf. Gave us information as to how to find her kin, as well as setup jobs for us.
  • Inn Worker
    • Half-Elf?. Had Naka help him in his star crossed love with the other inn’s daughter.

Serenity Peak

  • Mich Anuh
    • Kid we rescued from the evil past Serenity Peak. Last seen running with thugs in Bomria.

Silver Lake City

  • Gregory Multulriam
    • Lord of Silver Lake and first born son of Sulmiel Multulriam(Prior King to Kaldunrum)and elder brother to the current king Crestum Multulriam.
  • Menastram Family
    • The richest and most powerful family in Silver Lake City
  • Lindell Family
    • The second most powerful family in Silver Lake City

Important People

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