Flora Compendium

Honey-Weed: A golden colored plant with transparent/transluscent leaves similar in color to that of honey. Found in the eastern village of Istair, it is often stuffed into specially carved, flute like wooden pipes and smoked. A mild hallucinogen, honey-weed causes the user to feel a sense of calm enlightenment while inhaling the sweet tasting smoke.

Taviri Vines [Ta-Vi-Ri] (Horse-Eating Tanglevines): WIth large beautiful tropical looking swamp flowers, they lure prey in with intoxicating scents that slowly paralyze those who breath it in long enough. When prey gets close enough, the flower inverts itself, and wraps around the victim, devouring it with acidic compounts. It can whip it’s vines out and wrap them around unsuspecting travelers.

The White Flowers of La’Ver [Lay-Ver] (Flowers of the sleepless dreams): These flowers release white wisp-like pollen that induces a dream like state when awake, they produce misty illusions and are found in the caves of La’Ver north of Istair, they grow vine like around the whispering crystals of La’Ver.

Dua-Dva [Doo- Ah, Dev- Ah] (Fungus Children): These sentient fungus turn into a image of whatever they come in contact with, curious and child-like, they observe any living creature that happen upon their villages. They are capable of some language, and speak hwandi, the language of the fungus. They sometimes pick up common or elven from coming in contact with travelers. They live in small villages of a few dozen individuals, sometimes more. Due to their malleable bodies, they absorb most physical blows. They harvest and eat rotting wood and various types of roots. Fallen rotting leaves are a delicacy to the Dua-Dva. Unformed they appear like bunched spongy orbs with round childlike bead eyes.

Bloom of the Maiden’s Blush: Delicate tiny bud-like flowers ranging in hues from a pale pink to a peachy red, they are often used as intoxicants. Crushed and mixed into drink they cause the user to experience feeling of infatuation. They are often found by secluded ponds, or slow moving rivers and streams.

Salt-Root: Small edible roots with a distinctive salty flavor that grows stronger and slightly more spice toward the root. It is often chopped and used in stews and soups. It’s small light green leaves are dried and used as preserving herbs. They grow abundantly near water and can often be found in marshy areas. Many grazing species of wildlife enjoy eating these roots.

Aphyon’s Cloak [Ay-Fear-yon] (Death-shroud Bloom): Bone white and extraordinarily brittle, these flowers are elongated and often covered in small thorns. When the brittle flowers mature [which take about two lunar cycles] they crumble to the wind along with their pollen and spores. The scent from these flowers is almost undetectable by living creatures, a subtle coppery odor similar to that of dried blood. Undead creatures are attracted to these flowers by the scent, it lures them in and the spores take root with the animated corpses, absorbing their energy and rendering the undead often immobile allowing the spores to sprout into flowers. Undead that are not rendered immobile wander unhindered by the spores until they are drained dry and collapse, allowing the flowers to bloom.

Vith’Lassae [Vith-a La-say] Flower: The Chalice Flower: These plants have pitcher-like blooms that range from white to pale pink, these flowers have a waxy internal coating that allows water to slide down effortlessly and pool at the flower base to be absorbed by the plant. These plants have gained their named for their use as water carriers. Both the flowers and leaves are durable and repel water.

VarVara Tubers [Var-Va-rah]: Vara’s Balm: These small rounded tubers have a hardened outer skin that can be cracked open to reveal a store of viscous liquid inside. The almost cream like secretions has a slick feel and a subtle sweet scent. When applied to the skin, the substance can be used as a balm for burns. When boiled, the tubers stored liquid can be spun like thread into a sweet woolen mass. During the celebration of Y’steri ey Va’al, the tubers are used to make a spun cake.

Silver Pearl Flower: Grows in dark damp areas, usually among mushrooms and other fungus. The blooms only have two translucent pearlescent petals that curl inward and nestle together like a clam shell. A glossy gray colored small pearl shaped seed nestles between the petals, giving the flower its namesake. The petals are extremely delicate and crumble at the softest touch, but the seed is prized by Oracles and Seers and is used as a reagent in many divination spells.

Brair’s Spice: A purple flower found in northern Kaldunrum. Although the flower adds a pleasing flavor to foods, it has the unfortunate side effect of being a narcotic and a hallucinogen.

Flora Compendium

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