Welcome to the North

Announcements and Such.
After a long hiatus Shadows of Serenity Peak is finally coming back. Along with the game actually progressing I’m focusing on trying to expand our Portal Site. I really want to make this place pretty but I figured neat organized info was more important then a fancy, flashy, and fantastically fun for the eyes set up. That can come later.

Included in this expanding of the site I will also be talking to each of the players individually to have a talk about the when, where, and whats of their characters. My goal is to get every player to a point that they have a firm basing in some part of the world that is important to their character. This will also help flesh out the characters and make them into an important figure in history(even if it is just in the region) and something more then numbers, mechanics, and a pretty portrait.

Shadows of Serenity Peak

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